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Why is water so important? Am I getting enough? Why should I use Purified Water to Go?


If you’re looking for answers, take a few moments to look over our handouts, which are linked below. You’ll find a wealth of information that will show you just why Purified Water to Go has the best water, the best prices, and the best service!

Pure and fresh – 12-stage water purification system

How water flow and the advanced technologies ensure the cleanest, purest water possible...


Bottled Water Products in Polycarbonate Plastic Containers are Safe for Consumer Use

An article busting the myths about the dangers of Polycarbonate Plastic Bottles...


Bisphenol A (BPA)

Addressing concerns of consumers’ concerns about BPA...


Caring for your water containers

Learn how to properly care and maintain your bottles to ensure better drinking...


Comparison of water treatment technologies

How Purified Water to go compares with other methods of purification...


Eastar resin reusable bottles

Learn about our new Eastar Resin Reusable Bottles...


Water: Are you drinking enough?

An informative article on our specialty... Water...


What is ozone, and what does it do?

Information on the use and purpose of Ozone in our water...


Why Polycarbonate Bottles?

Information from research which shows why you should use polycarbonate bottles for your drinking purified water...

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